“THEY” are “US” –

March 27, 2017

In his book US vs US, Andrew Marin did an extensive study and found what he had experienced in his own care for those with same-sex attraction.   This is how he says it in the first chapter of his book.

Chapter 1: There is No They – 86% of LGBTs were raised in a faith community from the ages of 0 to 18

  1. Raised in a Religious Community:
    1. 75% General American Population
    2. 86% LGBT
  2. Chapter 2: The Great Exodus: 54% of LGBT people leave their religious Community after the age of 18:  “I left the church because I couldn’t find one person who cared to listen to my story.  I mean really
    1. Leaving A Religious Community after the age of 18:
      1. 27% General American Population
      2. 54% LGBT
    2. Chapter 3: The New Prodigals
      1. 76% of LGBT people are open to returning to their religious community and it’s practices: “I would come back if I had the strength to do so.”
      2. Open to Return
        1. 9% General American population
        2. 76% LGBT community: This total includes one-third of LBTs raised in theologically conservative faith communities.

The opportunity to love and invite our friends and family into our congregations is obvious.  What are you doing?